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Sophia. Homosexual. Active beer drinker. Television enthusiast.
Lumberjack. I want to save lives. You can call me Franky Badass.


This blog is being discontinued, you can find me at my original blog which is now my personal blog.

(via beerisgod)

I haven’t showered in over two days. I’m sitting in my living room sporting a deliciously smelling face mask while I watch a Girls marathon. I want a new job and I want to make more money and live in a small apartment with two cats and my really beautiful girlfriend. I need to get my shit together and start my life and maybe actually go to nursing school. My face smells good and I wish I could make out with my girlfriend everyday because she’s a really good kisser but she lives 700 miles away and her mother hates me. What is my life? 

I love Sophia. Xoxo Gossip Maya :**